Sunday School is Back! 

The Adult/Young Adult class will be a mix of offerings again this fall.

The first and last Sundays of each month: video and discussion over Living the Questions2

Second Sundays:  “The Holy Land Revealed” which is a video series on the history, archaeology and writings of Israel. This is facilitated by Dick and Bonnie Miller.

Third Sundays:  Bible Study: Romans – Dick Miller


January 26th – (continues Feb 2) David Torbett leads LtQ2 – “Prayer: Intimacy with God”



Youth Christian Education Classes are now on the 1st Sunday of the month! 

The first class in the new format will be on Jan. 5th: “Who or What is God” – Pastor Zerby, Jo Erlwein and Chris Broyles will be leading the class.



Nursery open from 9:45 – 11:15 with a lesson for youngest children from 9 – 9:45.