Join in a class this week!


Nursery open from 8:45 – 11:15 with a lesson for youngest children from 9 – 9:45.

Children/Youth classes will focus on Jesus’ ancestors, Jesus’ family and Jesus with the children.


Adult classes will continue using the resources: “Living the Questions 2.0”; the Miller’s trip to the Holy Land; the Book of Acts Bible Study

  • Dec 2: David Torbett: LtQ2 – Section 9: the Prophetic Jesus
  • Dec 9: Tom Sears: Bible Study: Acts
  • Dec 16: Bonnie & Dick Miller: Masada
  • Dec 23: Tom Sears: Bible Study: Acts
  • Dec 31: Rev. Steelman: LtQ2: Evil, Suffering & a God of Love

*  If you need the material for the Adult class, contact us with an email account and it will be sent to you.